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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Life Objectives .....................

Enjoy life each day and the great pleasures that come with it, making each day a masterpiece, resulting in a life of meaning and accomplishments.

Confucius wrote .....................

"To know what you know and what you do not know. That is true knowledge."


Working for the government, I delivered multi-million dollar technology projects on time, within schedule, and on budget. Developed innovative business systems and technology strategies building on business process reengineering, business and technical architecture, project management and operations research expertise. Talent for developing technology solutions that meet complex business processes while bridging the communication gaps between information technology and non-technology professionals.  I am proficient in a wide range of problem-solving techniques, developing research designs, and delivering solutions to complex decision-making problems.

Steve's Family Tree

Contains detailed genealogical information on my ancestors from 1753 to the present day. In the FamilyTreeDNA Overton project, this DNA group is referred to as Clan 3.  This Clan first appeared in the mid-1700s in Amelia County, Virginia.

The site is managed by Steve Randall Overton, a member of Clan 3 and an Overton DNA project administrator on FamilyTreeDNA.com.  

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Contains detailed genealogical information on all the known Overtons in the United States. Information on this site is an accumulation of years of research collected by Nevel Overton-Slack and being made available to any Overton researcher.

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Steve Overton Singing

That's Life

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